Last week we saw a Great Horned Owl, and today we set out to see the other famous bird residing in Central Park these days- a Bald Eagle. We went out with Birding Bob and a group of 30 birders. It was another cold morning at 23ᴼF. We saw twelve species of birds today, six for the first time, including a Northern Shoveler, Downey Woodpecker, House Finch, Fox Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Brown-headed Cowbird, and a Canada Goose. Charlie’s favorite part of the day was seeing a woman feeding a Northern Cardinal right out of her hand. She was nice and gave Charlie some bird food that he used to try and get a male Cardinal to fly out of a tree and eat out of his hand, but the Cardinal would not budge. When we got to the reservoir in Central Park, Sandra (an expert birder) saw a juvenile Bald Eagle sitting on a building across Central Park West, but by the time Charlie and I looked it was gone. Sandra showed us a great picture she took of the juvenile Bald Eagle flying away. At the end of our walk, Charlie and I came up with a clever way to see a Bald Eagle. See below for the pictures we took today, followed by a special Adelbird video, and the list of all the birds we saw today and have seen so far in our 2022 Big Central Park Year.

Charlie's favorite way to travel when birding.

This is the Bald Eagle we set out to find.

Downey Woodpecker

Fox Sparrow

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Norther Shoveler

Female Northern Cardinal

Male Northern Cardinal

A woman feeding a Northern Cardinal out of her hand.

Charlie trying to get a Northern Cardinal to come down from a tree and eat out of his hand.

The picture Sandra took of a Juvenile Bald Eagle, but Charlie and I missed it.

Our clever way of seeing a Bald Eagle. 

The Bald Eagle we saw today.

A Special Adelbird Video

2022 Central Park Big Year: Complete Bird List

(bold = saw today; * = saw for first time)

1.    Mallard

2.    Hooded Merganser

3.    Great Blue Heron

4.    Cooper's Hawk

5.    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

6.    Blue Jay

7.    Ruby-crowned Kinglet

8.    Golden-crowned Kinglet

9.    Brown Creeper

10.    American Robin

11.    House Sparrow

12.    Northern Cardinal

13.    Rock Pigeon

14.    White-throated Sparrow

15.    European Starling

16.    Red-bellied Woodpecker

17.    Red-tailed Hawk

18. Great Horned Owl

19.    Northern Shoveler*

20.    Downey Woodpecker*

21.    House Finch*

22.    Fox Sparrow*

23.    Red-winged Blackbird*

24.    Brown-headed Cowbird

25.    Canada Goose*


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